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How it Works

Pareto offers free support, tools and content for agents to generate leads, increase referrals and create passive income.

With Pareto & the power of social media agents are able to scale their businesses nationally and compete with the largest property and fin tech companies.  

Real estate will always be about relationships and value.  Pareto has broken down the geographical barriers that limit realtors to their local markets.

Pareto builds relationships at scale.

Pareto Peak Highlights 

Downloading the iOS or Android Mobile app unlocks your access to Pareto's free tools, services and content.

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Key Features

   Submit Referrals     LEARN MORE

  • Enter your buyer or seller information in under 20 seconds.
  • Your referral is wowed by your relocation team leads customer service. 
  • You receive 25% referral upon closing. 

     Marketing     LEARN MORE

  • Access done for you social media marketing templates.
  • Learn best practices to generate leads and increase your referrals. 
  • Tips and scripts to convert your new leads into closed business.

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Take your business to the next level with your own lending team.  
                                                                                                                                                                      HERO REALTOR IMAGE (6)
Key Features
     Buyer Representation   LEARN MORE                                                                                                                                    
  • Offer your buyers extremely competitive rates. 
  • Reliable and responsive lending team. 
  • Fast, Online Pre-Approval Process.                                                                                                                               

     Win More Listings     LEARN MORE

  • Stand out at the listing presentation.
  • Assure your sellers with pre-approved buyers.
  • Ability to quickly resolve lending issues.   

     Business Boost     LEARN MORE

  • Enhance your image as a professional realtor. 
  • Unique social media content to grow your SOI.
  • More lead capture & follow up opportunities.
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Expand your service area past your MLS boundaries.  Go national with your relocation department.


Key Features

   Your National Reach     LEARN MORE

  • Earn 3% commissions on out of state properties.
  • Provide amazing value to your clients regardless of location. 

     Your Raving Fans     LEARN MORE

  • Provide white glove service with zero additional work. 
  • Your out of state clients refer business to you in all 50 states.

     Leverage 80/20 Rule     LEARN MORE

  • Dedicate more time to high dollar activities. 
  • Use Pareto & social media to educate buyers and sellers on a national level.  
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Right services at the right time.  Providing value for my clients has always been my goal, but sometimes hard to execute.  I cannot wait to roll out these programs to my SOI.

I have been having a hard time differentiating myself on social media.  The unlisted homes program is providing really unique and polished content! 

Scaling my business has been a goal for quite some time.  The cost & time to ramp up advertising has been my main obstacle.  This provides a solution for both.   

I have never had a great follow up system for my referrals.  I LOVE the idea of having my own relocation department.  So many opportunities here.  Excited about the passive income as well.  


Your Mobile App

25% referrals Pareto Peak

Submit Referrals at Light Speed

   Gone are the days of spending hours trying to find a reputable Realtor to refer your client to.

   Refer your clients anywhere in the United States in under 20 seconds & earn 25%.

   Your referral will go to your new relocation department and instantly begin providing WOW service to your referral client. 


Raving Fans Pareto Peak

Build An Army of Raving Fans

   Raving fans are walking talking billboards that actively seek to refer you new business.

   Stop throwing away lucrative relationships just because your client moved out of the area.

 Your relocation department will stay connected with your client for years through a follow-up campaign built in your name.     

   Imagine how lucrative your nationwide network of Raving Fans will be!  That is exactly what Pareto Peak will build for you. 

Expand with Pareto Peak

Spread the Word, Nationally!

   Don’t limit your value to your local area.  Let Pareto Peak break down your geographical barriers.

   Unlock your own custom relocation, lender and unlisted home websites.

   Access A/B tested marketing material to increase your lead generation.

   Download our social media posting schedules to stay on track and build real relationships.

   Watch our latest marketing updates exclusively on the Pareto Peak App. 

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Your Lending Department

Great Rates & Terms Pareto Peak

Your National Lending Team.

   That’s right, you now have another competitive advantage over your fellow agents.  Your own lending team.

   Our lending partner has dedicated its 50-state mortgage licensing to you and your clients.

   You can offer your clients great rates no matter where they are moving to.


Buyer Benefits Pareto Peak

How Your Buyers Will Benefit

   Your rates will typically be lower than the competitors.

   How you ask? Simple, its about the expenses.  Our lender does not spend money generating mortgage leads and in turn can pass the savings along to your clients.

   Amazing communication.  Along with the constant communication from your relocation department your lender partner is reliable and responsive.


Seller Benefits Pareto Peak

How Your Sellers Will Benefit

   Protect your sellers by verifying the viability of each buyer.  In your MLS private remarks simply state all offers must be accompanied by a pre-qualification letter from your lending team. 

   When issues arise during the approval process you will be in the know.  Your concierge and lending team will alert you of any obstacles to closing.

   Increase your sellers escrow closing rates with your solutions-oriented lending team.


Mortgage Pareto Peak

Leverage Lending for Leads

   A customized lending landing page will be generated for you.

   Use our done for you social media ad’s to drive traffic to your lead generating lending team site.

   Gain valuable social proof you can use to edge out competitors at your next listing presentation. 

   Advertise your lending and relocation department together to become a true one stop shop for all things real estate.  

Let's Get Started


Your Relocation Department

Pareto We Work For You Relocation Department

Hi there Boss!

   We position ourselves as your internal relocation team, working for you (for free!).

   Why limit yourself to only helping buyers and sellers in your local markets?  Easily expand nationally with your relocation department.

   In the past agents were confined to working in their local areas due to lack of value they could provide to “out of market” clients.  Pareto and social media has changed that. 

   We will create a custom branded relocation website for you to spread the word about your new value.  Your relocation department is just one of many ways you can provide over the top value to clients no matter where they may live.



National Value Pareto Peak

Your Over The Top Value

   Your unlisted homes program and lending team provide amazing value, your relocation department supercharges it.  

   Your relocation team is at the center of helping you build relationships at scale by cultivating an environment for repeat client referrals.  

   From the moment you enter a new client into the Pareto app, your relocation team takes over and plants the seeds for a long-term relationship.

   Your relocation team services can typically be categized by four main programs.  Home Transition Concierge.  Agent Matching Guarantee.  Mortgage Review and Guidance and Welcome Home Service.  


Making the complex simple

Your home transition concierge lead by your team lead is the corner stone of the relocation department.  Your team lead will be your client's single point of contact and will work to simplify the entire moving process.  Your team lead will provide additional oversite for all major escrow tasks, set expectations and provide an extra layer of security and piece of mind for your clients.  Along with technical escrow support the concierge programs covers pre move planning, mortgage reviews and finally move in services.  


Pre Move Planning Pareto Peak

Pre Move Planning

   Your team lead kicks things off by scheduling a one-on-one zoom call with your client.

   During the call they complete an all about you, interview.  It covers everything from personal interests to home requirements and neighborhood fit

   They discuss and then create a financial plan.  This includes reviewing existing preapprovals, good faith estimates or applying for new financing.

   Finally, they create the “road map to home” and set everything into motion.  

Neighborhood Scouting Pareto Peak

Advanced Neighborhood Scouting

   Based on the road map home, advanced neighborhood scouting will be completed.

   Proximity to healthcare, work or schools are popular reasons to scout.

   Each scout is unique, commonly it comes down to finding the local area experts in the subject, conducting an interview and reporting the findings.

Contract Review Pareto Peak

Contract Review

   Prior to your client signing contracts your relocation team lead offers to review the documents to provide second opinions and guidance.

   Your relocation team ensures the contracts are written squarely in favor of your client.

   As dual agency is on the rise, we find the contract reviews relive client stress and improves their overall experience.

Escrow Oversight Pareto Peak

Escrow Oversight

   Your relocation team provides oversight during the escrow process monitoring timelines and contingencies.

   As questions commonly arise during escrow the team provides the client with an additional sounding board if needed.

   Your team offers to review and or explain any HOA documents, SIDS, LIDS or other escrow related forms.

Home Inspector Analysis Pareto Peak

Home Inspector Analysis

   Your team researches multiple inspectors and request sample reports along with pricing.

   Your team searches for positive or negative reviews online and on socials.

   Your team will analyze all reports and forward our findings and opinions to the client for final selection.

Inspection Review Pareto Peak

Inspection Review

   Inspection reports are reviewed by the team lead, looking for structural or abnormal conditions and ensures the client is informed.

   Inventory of the homes major mechanical systems and other components is taken to be used in our custom-built long term follow up campaigns.

   Depending on the severity of the homes deficiencies the team lead may suggest ordering additional inspections to further investigate.   

Closing Preparation Pareto Peak

Closing Preparation

   All HUDS and final closing documents are reviewed for abnormalities.

   All state required documents are reviewed to ensure the client has successfully signed all required documents.

   The team lead independently calls the title company to confirm the wiring instructions to combat against wire fraud.

Close of Escrow Pareto Peak

Close of Escrow

   Congratulations the escrow closes, and you receive your 25% referral fee. 

   Your home transition concierge program will exceed your clients' expectations and set the stage for a productive and long-term client relationship. 

   Your relocation team has just converted your client into a raving fan.  Additional referrals are sure to follow.

   A custom-built long term follow up plan is created and designed to generate additional referrals.  You will receive an 25% referral fee for each future client referral.

Relo Program Features LARGE

Your Client Works With the Best Local Agent

Your client wont simply work with the agent that produces the most, we seek out the agent that will produce most for your client.  Sometimes that means finding an agent with recent experience in specific neighborhoods.  Possibly working with the listing agent of a specific home or an agent with the right interpersonal match.  Regardless all selected agents will demonstrate superior communication, neighborhood experience and interpersonal skills.

Pareto Peak Client Benefits

   Superior Communication.  Agents must demonstrate a solution based, reliable and consistent communication system and style.

   Neighborhood experience.  Agents must demonstrate prior experience in the client's primary areas of interest. 

   Interpersonal compatibility.  Agents must have the emotional intelligence to adapt to the clients preferred communication styles and other personal preferences. 

   Love them or leave them.  If anytime prior to signing contracts the client is not satisfied with the selected agent your relocation team will reassign a new agent that is better suited for your client’s unique needs and style. 

Financial Mortgage Guidance Pareto Peak

Financial Mortgage Planning

   During the initial client interviews your team asks specific questions to formulate the best mortgage matches.

   Common questions include Length of stay, special loan qualifications and payment over total cost priorities.

   Downpayment options and potential special financing options are explored.

   The result of the mortgage planning allows us to compare apples to apples when shopping for the best rates and terms. 

Website Mockups and Graphics (24)

Transparent and Cost Effective

   The team will conduct a transparent cost analysis between all received TILA truth in lending disclosures.

   The experience of the loan officer and their underwriting overlays will also be taken into consideration.

   The team will conduct a final analysis of all gathered information and will present their findings to the client.


It's Moving Day, Let Impress Your Client

An often-overlooked pain point for clients is the few days prior to move in.  Late moving trucks, delayed close of escrows, no utilities and gasp .. worse yet is no wifi!  Not anymore.  Your team lead will use these few days to really put your value on display yet again.  If we can put the clients at ease during this last phase their raving fan status and potential for referrals will greatly increase. 

Moving Support Pareto Peak

Moving Support

   Self move, assisted move and turnkey moving solutions researched and presented.

   Based on preference quotes are delivered with recommendations to client for final selection.

   Based off the results of the road map home plan custom research & projects may be completed.

   Common custom projects may include local social network connections, school matching and or pet boarding.

Pareto Peak Relax Services

Relax, Your Home

   Utility connections in some areas can be a monumental chore.  Your team will make it as simple as possible for the client.

   Coordination of mover access to the home may be arraigned.

   Your team will provide a Home Sweet Home Directory.  This directory is researched, customized for the home Includes everything from utilities to the best Chinese Food.

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