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Typically, when buyers & sellers move they head to Zillow, search for homes, call 5 agents and work with the one that actually calls them back.  YOU DESERVE BETTER.

I created this concierge relocation department to assist you (free of charge) no matter where in the U.S.  you are moving to.  My team lead or "Expedition Guide" as I like to call them will guide you through the entire moving process.  They will act as your dedicated client advocate through each phase of the moving process.

Your expedition guide will provide resources, process oversight and guidance to save you both time and money.  To work with your very own Expedition Guide, simply fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page and we will get to work!

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Home Transition Concierge

Pareto Peak Agent Matching Guarantee





Your FREE Home Transition Concierge

  • Pre move planning
  • Advanced neighborhood scouting
  • Contract review
  • Escrow oversight
  • Home inspector analysis
  • Inspection review
  • Final HUD review
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Work with the Best Agent

  • Superior communication
  • Neighborhood experience 
  • Interpersonal compatibility
  • Love them or leave them
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Transparent & Cost Effective

  • Financial mortgage planning
  • Mortgage product match
  • Experienced loan officer
  • Professional underwriting
  • Transparent cost analysis
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Relax .. Your Home!

  • Moving options
  • Moving quotes
  • Home Utility Activation
  • Custom welcome home service booklet
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Home Transition Concierge

Home Transition Concierge

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Support every step of the way!

The moving process can be stressful even for the most seasoned buyers and sellers.  Don’t worry we have you covered, we are experts in taking stressful moves and turning them into fun new chapters for you and your family.   You can think of us as your personal guides for your upcoming moving expedition.  A great guide will make sure you get to your destination safely while enjoying the journey.    Once you get started you will be matched with your very own expedition guide.  This guide, will be your single point of contact and your dedicated client advocate from start to finish.  Any good moving expedition can be broken down into three distinct steps, Discovery, Diligence and finally Home Sweet Home!



Your guide will get to know you, your likes, dislikes and what really matters most to you in your next home and community.  Once we really understand what you are looking for not only in a home but in the neighborhood, we can get to work crafting a plan of attack.  One of the first steps is to help you plan financially and introduce you to our award-winning mortgage lending team, and help you build the perfect lenders packet.   Once you receive the preapproval letter, we will help review your good faith estimate line by line to ensure you are not paying industry junk fees or other abnormal costs.   Once your set financially, we will help you explore and discover the best neighborhoods to support your hobbies, interests and lifestyle.  For example, if you have a child interested in joining a travel ball team, we will research the best options available to ensure we focus on areas that will allow them to consistently attend without over stressing busy work schedules.   If its important to you, its important to us!   Once you are ready, we will introduce you to a hand selected real estate agent with experience in the neighborhoods that appeal most to you.  Working with the right agent is crucial, they will help you discover the best homes and negotiate the best terms. 

2nd step in the Pareto Peak Hoe Transition Concierge


Now that you have found your amazing home, its time to get your offer accepted and all your due diligence completed.  The proper due diligence will assure your new home will live up to your expectations and provide you with all the comfort and joy you’ve been dreaming of.    Your local real estate agent will draft and present your initial offer, but we will be happy to provide a second opinion and another pair of eyes on your contract.  Once your home is under contract, we will monitor the status of your escrow and assist the agent to ensure we close on time and as scheduled.  We will provide options for home inspectors and request sample reports prior to your final selection.  Once the inspection report is available, we will yet again provide another set of eyes and flag anything that may be of concern.  We will also review your title reports, good faith estimates and provide a sounding board on title related or closing concerns to make sure there are no surprises on the day of close.  This may be one of the largest purchase of your life, and we will go above and beyond to ensure you have all the necessary information to make a great final decision.   

Home Transition Concierge Pareto Peak

Home Sweet Home.

Congratulations, are in order!  All your hard work is over, and the fun really begins, Moving day is here!  First let’s back up a few weeks, we will have already assisted you with selecting a moving company that meets your preferences and budget.  There are options ranging from self packing CONEX boxes to full-service turnkey moving companies.  We will help you navigate this sometimes confusing and overwhelming process all while making sure you are not overpaying.  We have also supplied you with all the necessary utilities, service and entertainment information, to ensure your home is fully functional with all the bells and whistles on your first day.  As you walk into your new home for the first time as an owner, you will be armed with our Welcome Home Service booklet and follow on services.   This booklet includes the contact information to any home related services that you could ever need, and rest assured the vendors contact information and services have all been recently pre vetted.  So, if you need anything from handyman services, to dog groomers, to the best Chinese food in the area we have you covered.  Its like a pre-vetted paper “google” customized for you and your home!   

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Agent Matching Guarantee

Agent Matching Guarantee

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Guaranteed match, made in real estate heaven!

At our core, we understand that the journey in real estate is personal and unique. That's why our Agent Matching Guarantee ensures you not only work with an experienced real estate agent but a compatible guide for your specific needs. We are committed to pairing you with an agent who resonates with your vision, turning your real estate journey into a tailor-made success story.  If prior to signing contracts you need a change of pace, just let us know and we will find an agent who can better serve you. 

Expertise and Experience.

Our clients typically seek agents with a strong track record and deep knowledge of the local neighborhoods they specialize in.  This experience and confidence gives our agents the ability to navigate complexities and find homes tailored made of our clients. 

Effective Communication.

Clear and timely communication is crucial. Our clients value agents who keep them informed, respond promptly to inquiries, and guide them through the process with transparency.

Trust and Reliability.

Trust is paramount in real estate transactions. Our clients want an agent they can trust to prioritize their interests, provide honest advice, and follow through on commitments. Reliability ensures a smooth and trustworthy partnership throughout the buying or selling process.

Ready, set, go!

Mortgage Review & Guidance

Mortgage Review & Guidance Pareto Peak

Navigating your mortgage like Magellan!

Having someone review your mortgage documents before signing is a crucial step in safeguarding your financial well-being. A knowledgeable review can uncover hidden clauses, explain complex terms, and ensure you have a clear understanding of the financial commitment.  This proactive measure not only mitigates risks but empowers you to make informed decisions, ensuring that your mortgage aligns seamlessly with your financial goals and preferences.

Interest Rates and Terms.

Our clients are typically concerned about the interest rates on their mortgage and the overall terms of the loan, such as the duration and any potential fluctuations in interest rates.


Hidden Fees and Costs.

Many clients worry about hidden fees and unexpected closing costs that may arise during the mortgage process. Transparency in financial transactions is crucial for piece of mind.

The Fine Print.

The legal and technical language in mortgage documents can be daunting. Our clients often express concerns about thoroughly understanding the fine print, potential penalties, and the overall implications of the contractual obligations they are undertaking.

Let's Review!

Welcome Home Service

Welcome Home

Turn your house into your home!

Our clients often weave their personal narratives into the walls of their houses, creating a cozy haven that reflects their unique story and experiences. From choosing warm colors that resonate with memories to adorning spaces with cherished mementos, individuals transform mere structures into warm, inviting homes. It's this personal touch, the curated blend of comfort and character, that turns a house into a haven—a place where memories are not just made but woven into the very fabric of daily life.  Our welcome home service supports this process and will continue to provide value for years to come.  

Utilities & Home Services

As part of our comprehensive welcome home service, we provide a curated utility and home services package, streamlining the transition to your new home. From securing contact information for essential utilities like electricity, water, and internet to facilitating home services such as cleaning, landscaping, and maintenance, our tailored offering ensures a seamless move-in experience. With a focus on efficiency and convenience, we aim to alleviate the logistical aspects of your relocation, allowing you to settle into your new home effortlessly.


Inventory and Warranty

We offer a specialized Inventory and Warranty service designed to safeguard your investment. Our meticulous inventory management ensures a detailed record of your property’s major mechanical systems.  Additionally, our comprehensive warranty service provides added peace of mind, offering protection and coverage for specified home components. With our commitment to your property's well-being, we go beyond the transaction to provide ongoing support and assurance in your homeownership journey.

Home Sweet Home Directory

Welcome to your new home! Your customized Home Directory is your go-to resource for essential services in the area. From trusted home service providers and maintenance services to local schools and healthcare facilities, this comprehensive booklet has it all. Consider it your personalized guide to seamlessly integrate into the community and make your homeownership experience truly exceptional.

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