Investing, simplified.

Build your wealth with the first truly passive real estate investment program.  

Be an investor,  not a landlord.

Own newly renovated & stabilized rental properties, in the best markets in America.

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True ownership, not fractional.  

Enjoy complete ownership and control of your real estate without the typical headaches & responsibilities.  

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Distributions & appreciation.

Easily unlock lucrative real estate investment advantages, with our done-for-you growth plans. 

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Be an Investor
Not a Landlord




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Welcome to PREP, passive real estate program. 

PREP allows investors to turn rental properties into truly passive investments while maximizing return. 

PREP makes buying real estate as easy as buying stocks.  However, unlike stocks you enjoy the tax, leverage and wealth building advantages only found in Real Estate.  True, long-term wealth is built in tangible assets like real estate.

PREP homes are hand selected from the top real estate markets across the country.  They undergo rigorous inspections, renovations and are leased to long term residents.  Our local professional property managers maintain the homes and mitigate risks.  Investors purchase the stabilized homes using our plug and play business structure.  This proven structure provides each investor with liability protection and  privacy,  shielding them from required public registrations that expose their personal information.   A dedicated asset manager then works with each investor to maximize long term ROI and provides monthly portfolio analysis.

PREP was designed for investors looking for stable, long-term real estate investments that build wealth without the headaches.    


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Read the Reviews

Dr. Justin Rome, Barber Surgeons Guild

I absolutely love turnkey investing!  It's a smart and hassle-free way to grow wealth while focusing on my medical practice.

Dr. Rome - Los Angeles

Chris Ferrari - Ferrari Reeder Public Affairs

As an investor living out of state, real estate investing can be a challenge.  I have been looking for a turnkey solution to help provide a dependable source of passive income, without the headaches of property ownership.  

Chris F. - Lake Tahoe

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Turnkey investing is a game-changer for young professionals.  It offers an excellent opportunity to start building wealth, even with a busy career.  

Don & Marci G. - Bend

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Fill out the contact form below.  I can answer any remaining questions and we can discuss passive vs. traditional real estate investing.

2. Analyze

I will introduce you to my portfolio manager.  They will conduct an analysis to map out your investment goals and create a plan to help you meet them. 

3. Close

We will close on your first PREP property, and kickstart your wealth-building journey.  After closing you will also gain first look access to our latest investment opportunities. 

  Let's Make it Simple!